Membership Benefits - New England Tamil Sangam (NETS)

Being a NETS member provides you a number of benefits:

  • NETS is entering in to its 50th year and servicing our Tamil community in & around New England.
  • NETS has approximately 1800 registrations every year which connects approximately 5000 family members together.
  • NETS has conducted various annual programs and primarily Pongal vizha, Chithirai vizha, Picnic and Kulanthaigal vizha and various other cultural events.
  • NETS provides various discounts to their members on those events that includes participating stage events such as Pattimandram, Culturals, Competitions like Vocal, Dance, Drama, Music, Drawing, Science BEE, Math BEE etc.,
  • NETS beyond regular event participating in various social causes.
  • Discounted rates for entrance and participation all Events organized by NETS.
  • Free participation for kids in select events to promote the Tamil language.

NETS offers the following types of membership:

    NETS Annual Membership Price for Year 2024
    Membership Type Price
    Family Membership $45
    Single Membership $35
    Special (Divorced or Widow) Membership $30
    Senior (Both husband & wife are 60 years & above) Membership $20

Important Note:

  • For 2024 membership is valid until Dec 31st, 2024.
  • For free entry, discounted price on participation & food for all 2024 events, please take 2024 membership.
  • For annual membership, the membership will expire at the end of the calendar year.

for first time user,

for existing member or non-member,

  • To take or renew membership, please click Register

Instructions on how to Signup for Membership & Register for Events etc.,